11 September 2011



Target Learners: Fourth Year Students
Science Concept: Thermodynamics (Heat)

Playing Thermo Sci-Dama
(Refer to the General Rules in Playing SciDama below)

1. The object of the game is to have the lowest possible score to be able to win.
2. When you capture a piece, the symbol on the spot where you landed will be used to perform the operation.
(Example: You have 37 g. You captured 19 g and you landed on a spot with a + sign. Now you must add 37 g with 19 g. Your piece number is the one who is always first in your calculations. Example again: When your piece is 50 C and you captured a piece which has 69 C and you landed on a spot with a minus sign, you will compute 50 C - 69 C which is NS (No Score) since the answer is negative.)
3. The allotted time for playing the game is 20 minutes ONLY. Each player is given 1 minute to make a move. When the time is over, the remaining pieces will be tallied and diminished from the player who has the leftover piece/s.
4. The units used in the game are: g(grams), C(degree Celsius) and g.C (grams degrees Celsius).

Here are examples: 

When two different units have met that must be either added, subtracted or divided, you have no score. (An exception is g x C. When you encounter this you must multiply the value of your piece to your enemies' piece that you captured. Example: Your piece is 37 C and you captured a piece which is 10 g (which you would never do, given the opportunity.) Then you must multiply 37 C and 10 g. 37 C x 10 g, that is, 370 g.C)

5. When you and your opponent finish playing, make a table with three columns.(You can do this before the start of the game.) On the first column, write g(the symbol for gram). On the second one, write C(degree Celsius) and on the third, g.C(grams degree Celsius.) Everytime you capture a piece, record the value computed.Then place the computed values in the appropriate columns. Afterwards, add the total of the g and C columns and add their sum. Then, when you finish computing, multiply the total value with the g.C column(if you placed a value in this column. Otherwise, that is the total score.
6. The player with the lowest score wins. 

            Basically the rules in playing the Filipino checkerboard game called ‘dama’ will be used with some modifications in integrating mathematics and science as follows:
1.      Set the starting positions of the chips

2.      After the startting position of the chips have been set, the first player is  determined by drawing lots.

3.      A chip is allowed to moved diagonally forward only to an adjoining vacant square.

4.      A chip has to take the opponent’s chip diagonally forward or backward thus “pass” is not allowed. Mathematical operations (x,÷,+,-)  will be used depending on the vacant square’s operation symbol where the “taker” chip lands by jumping over the “taken” chip (the latter chip has to be removed from the board after performing the indicated mathematical operation and recording same in the score sheet).

5.      In taking more than one chip, the “taker” chip is always the addend, minuend, multiplicand, or dividend as the case may be.
6.      In taking a chip or more than one chip,the dama rules on ‘dama’,’mayor dalawa or mayor tatlo’,’mayor tatlo over dalawa’,and ‘mayor dalawa or tatlo’,over ‘dama’ prevail.

7.      A chip is declared ‘dama’ upon reaching terminally on the following designated squares:

For Red chips:                         (0,7)  (2,7)  (4,7)  (6,7)

For Blue chips:                         (1,0)  (3,0)  (5,0)  (7,0)

8.      A ‘dama’ chip is allowed to take a chip or more than one chip,or move to any unoccupied square along its diagonal path.Moreover, a dama’s score is doubled in taking a chip or chips,and quadrapled if it takes the opponent’s dama chip.Similarly, an ordinary chip’s score is doubled if it takes a dama chip.

9.      A ‘move’ (e.g. 2→ (6,3) is good only at the most for one minute including its corresponding entries in the score sheet; while the game’s duration is twenty (20) minutes.

10.  The game ends when any of the following situations occur:
·         If no show of one player is declared after ten minutes.

·         Repetitive moves of any or both players

·         A player resigns

·         A player’s chip is cornered

·         A player has no more chip to move

·         The 20 minute game duration ended

In case of incorrect entries in the score sheet, a player has to call the attention of the competition facilitator by raising one’s hand, that is, after stopping the time. As determined by the said arbiter/facilitator, the appropriate corrections will be done by the erring player in as much as the formers decision is final and unappeasable.

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  1. galing naman......pwede humingi ng request........
    pwede mo bang ibibgay ang mga secret moves para hindi na mgamit ng iba dahil sa pagkakabulgar nito.....o.....di kaya ang mga basics moves o primary moves parang sa chess....sa mga web na gaya nito nagbibigay sila ng mga sample of chess pazzle

    1. edi wla ng kwenta ang sci dama game kung naibigay ang mga secret moves...think wise please...

  2. i have a question on you...
    I already take a test to find holes for the last player to win the game for thermo sci dama....
    pero nalaman ko at ng iba kong kasama na walang lusot pag huling tira ka...
    ibig sabihin kung huli kang titira wala ka nang pag asang manalo ..unless magkamali ang kalaban mo sa pag tira o pag kain..kaso nga lang wala pa akong nakikitang ganung kalaban...so that means the first mover will win the game at the first sight....
    Kung sa tingin mo di ito totoo ..sabihin mo sakin kung pano makakalusot kasi lahat ng pwedeng paraan sinubukan ko na....sabihin mo sakin kung merong butas para ako manalo...by the way email me on yahoomail or facebook if you have answer on this...this is my email address cyril.calalo@yahoo.com
    I will wait for you!!!
    mas ayos sana kung sa Facebook mo ko i-me mesage..thanks

    1. depende yan sa paglalaro

    2. tamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.... :D

    3. hindi po ako naniniwala na lahat ng first mover ay malaki na nag chance na manalo..natingnan ko na po yang sinabi nyo.pero kailangan nyo lang po na laliman ang pag iisip sa paglalaro..its a puzzle game

  3. diba sci dama is a game of strategies.... let's say na alam na alam mo at ng kalaban mo ang laro then ikaw ang 1st mover syempre sa tingin mo panalo kana?.. sabihin na natin na mas malaki ang chance ng 1st mover para manalo kasi under time pressure sya.. kaya sa loob ng 20 min. no choice ka at ang kalaban mo kundi mag pa kaen at magpakaen.. pero try mo gumawa ng moves na di inaasahan ng kalban mo.. example mag papakaen kana sana pero di mo gnwa.. sa mga ganung instances mababaliktad ang laro.. mahirap kasi syang iexplain ahaha :))) pero I THINK na di lagi ung 1st mover ung panalo

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  6. paAno ang secret move nito??

    1. walanag secret move ,, strategy lang

  7. so far wala po kaming alam na secret moves para manalo... mas maganda madiscover yan sa paglalaro.

    1. sa square na may coordinates na (4,3) or (3,4) un ang strong opening moves sa sci-dama...just like chess, checkers and d like...its a game for space and control of the center of the board...

    2. parang lahat po yata pwede maging first move except lang na wag kang mag pa corner sa gilid..

      please kung sino po ang may mga alam kung ano ung 1st move dapat na itira
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  12. di ba indi na i-arrange ngayon ang chips .. bagong rules .. kinakalog na ..

  13. dapat nga random and starting position ng chips...4 times na ako national winner nito...madali lng mamemorize ang moves kasi konte lng ang move variations. kasi nga predetermined ang starting position tpos 20 min lng ang game..

    1. salamat po princeorion for entertaining their questions :)

    2. Saan dapat mag first move pra di ka makain.. Ikaw po ang First na titira..? thank you po

  14. anong move po ba ang pinaka maganda para sa 2nd mover

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  18. can i have the latest rule and arrangement of thermo sci damath

  19. can i have the latest rule and arrangement of thermo sci damath

  20. Saan dapat mag first move pra di ka makain.. Ikaw po ang First na titira..?