10 December 2010

Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM): A Closer Look

SIM on Radiation
by: J. Policarpio

Wow! It’s my first time to submit an entry for Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) for the regional level… as expected, my entry wasn’t selected (I’ve already prejudged my work). SIM is an instructional material intended to re-teach topics which are considered as Least Mastered. It’s different from a module in many aspects but its main goal is parallel to having remedial classes for those Least Mastered topics. It only requires least teacher supervision. These are some of the pointers I’ve learned from one of the judges of that contest, and I want to share it with you:

*SIM must be accompanied  by 'Study' (Classroom-based Research)

*Topics for SIM must be Least Mastered Skill (identify based on quarterly exam). For example, the topic “density” is not least mastered skill, as she explained.


*SIM must be easy to reproduce

*Consider Time Allotment for your SIM. Is it ideal for 1 period or 2 periods?

*SIM is not student project, avoid using glitters or bright colors which might cause difficulty in reproducing your SIM

*Do not copy ideas. Copyrighted materials or entity should not be used in your SIM, like 'Naruto' or “super Mario” (your design should be original)

*Don’t use prominent personalities, like 'artista', she made mention of one DepEd Sec who disagrees on putting TV Personalities on the cover of students’ notebooks

*Your SIM is intended for Individualized Instruction (I.I.)

   My SIM entry this year, 'Radiation… A closer look', was about properties of different types of radiation. Although my entry passed the pointers above, it wasn’t able to make up to the top 5. Well, this is my first time, if given a chance; I’ll try again next year.  

   The best consolation I've learned from this competition is the experience [it's valuable]. Also, meeting familiar faces from college life [reunion], and a note inserted to my SIM written on a piece of small yellow paper, and I quote, 'easy to understand' from one of the judges. [I don't know if it's intended for my SIM entry or just a misplaced note...

Here are some LINKS to my post about Strategic Intervention Materials:
SIM 101: The Basic of Developing Strategic Intervention Materials for Classroom Use [Discussion about the basic details of SIM]

SIM 101: Guide in Reviewing Intervention Materials [Discussion about the CRITERIA for developing SIM]

SAMPLE Strategic Intervention Material (SIM) in Physics [Sample SIM in Physics about Properties of Different Types of Radiation]

A repost from my old blogsite
Strategic Intervention Material Competition
26.11.2009 for everyone


  1. Regional Science Competition 2009 was held at Gen. T. De Leon NHS, Valenzuela.

    I've shared the pointers above to my co-teachers last Oct. 27, 2010 (day 1 of our Semestral INSET), along with the talk and discussion of our HT about SIM.

  2. Hi J. Freigh. Who will pay for the reproduction of the materials? Can i oblige the student to reproduce the SIM? How in your school cater the reproduction of SIM?

  3. That's the big problem Ma'am/Sir, we can't oblige our student to pay for the reproduction even if it is intended for them. The best solution i think is to ask the cooperation of the parents during parent-teacher conference. If your school can afford to reproduce your SIM that's good. In our school, we shoulder the expenses for the reproduction.

  4. Hi! I joined in the science quest on SIM making last year as a coach. We're so happy that even if we have no training/ seminar on this we made it to the Reg'l level. we got the First place and in the national level held at Laguna last Feb.2011, our SIM was adjudged 2nd place. I thank one blogger who shared the must and the must nots in making SIM. Thenk u, bloggers!

    1. WOW! Congratulations for a job well done!